Alex graduated from Princeton in 2013 with a bachelor's in Near Eastern Studies. He took a job in a completely related field, operations, at an industrial supply company called McMaster-Carr. At this company, Alex fell in love with finding creative solutions to everyday problems. How do you get thousands of packages through a half-built warehouse without a working conveyor or any packing stations? How do you lead a department to complete 100% of its work every day when it's only been getting through 70% of its work on a good day? While putting his brain to work with these engaging questions, Alex decided to pursue a Master of Data Science from UC Berkeley. It might be helpful to think of data science as the intersection of statistics and programming. Now, Alex is off to pursue different questions at Yale Divinity School. As he discerns his path forward, Alex knows any next steps must stimulate his intellectual curiousity and engage his critical thinking and problem-solving skills.